Saturday, May 21

small changes saturday v.5

I nearly forgot all about my Saturday feature! Today was lots of fun but busy!

I figure I should update about how my little changes are doing long term. I tried to make it to the farmer's market today with a friend, but her 9 month old son fell asleep, so we let him sleep instead of disturbing him to do our thing. Hooray for baby-sleep! I was only going to get a wooden toy for Iris anyway, which can wait until next weekend. She broke her wooden peace sign teether a few days ago, by throwing it from her chair at the table. So sad, we loved that thing! Going to try to fix it without letting glue seep out where she would be mouthing it, hmm... 

The kitty is loving his food and litter adjustments! He eats a bit less now because the Organix food has a higher calorie count and more protein than his old food. I haven't completely transfered over to the pine litter yet, because of how particular cats are about where they go to the bathroom. You never want to switch something on them too abruptly. I've just been adding a bit more pine each time I clean the box, and I think tomorrow will dump the entire thing and move to just pine, considering it's mostly that by now anyway.

I still have yet to remember my reusable shopping bags, which is rather amusing! Though with all my talk of how I keep forgetting, maybe that will trigger me to remember for once! I'm also still making my own household cleaners, which is going great. I have yet to venture to make my own window cleaner, though. 

Aaaand the maple syrup is delicious! That is all there is to say about that! 

Have you made any small changes lately? If you have, tell me about them! 

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