Thursday, April 18

gymnastics girl.

Iris has been participating in the base-run gymnastics program for a couple of months now. She has come a long way in terms of being physical with her environment. A few weeks in gymnastics has her running, hopping, tiptoeing, rolling, balancing and more. The class is just 30 minutes once a week, but it's been precious to her. She absolutely adores it, as you can see by the joy and confidence in her face!

Stretching time - touch your toes!

Doing her "Table" pose.

Doing the Bear Crawl.



I did it!

Balancing Bear Crawl.


Straddle walk.

Balancing on the bar.

Hanging onto the bar for as long as she can.
Balance beam with Papa!

Feet in the circle for stamps and stickers at the end of class!


  1. These are absolutely adorable. Wish I was closer to attend, see her grow. She is an amazing child. <3

  2. Aww I love how you go together as a family - Iris must love it :) I especially love her "ta-da" photo!

  3. Baby wedgies, all around! Jane has a constant one now that she has ditched the diaper for outings too. Only a free-play gymnastics program is offered until age 3 here. As you can imagine, toddler free-play on the equipment consists of a whole lot of little people running around like maniacs for 30 straight minutes. It's chaotic and so fun to experience. I also get some much-needed exercise chasing her around (whether I like it or not).