Friday, May 20


You may notice that I've made a few changes to The Crunchy Lion today! There's a new header, new pages tabs design, all sorts of new fonts and I also created a button! I managed to get this done while spending the last 3 hours trying to get Iris to sleep. She gets the most awful gas, no matter what I do! I try changing my diet, giving her gas drops, bicycling her legs - all to no avail, at least tonight.

We went out with a friend again today which was great. The rest of my time has been spent playing with Iris or wanting to rip my hair out in frustration. Marius called me this evening to inform me that he's attending a cocktail party tonight. I'm not jealous at all, as I sit at home being kicked in the stomach and having my nipples bitten (and not in a nice way, let me tell you!) Not jealous at all! 

Actually, I am glad he is enjoying himself. I just miss having any semblance of time to myself. He is meeting and enjoying time with a lot of very interesting and influential people. There is plenty of time for me to meet them in the future, as well. But my baby's needs come first. If I need to breastfeed her every hour, so be it! She will only be this small once. I have the rest of my life to drink one too many G&Ts at cocktail parties!

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took recently. The card of my Canon camera is completely full. I haven't decided how I want to store pictures long term, nor do I want to shell out $30 for a new card right now, so it's Instagram for now! It really is a fun little app!
My hair has gotten really long! Growing it out indefinitely.  
Iris looking up at her Mama. She loves playing with my hair. 
Scooting around!
Best/cutest kitty in the world.
Sleepy baby riding in our new amazing sling.
Staring at the birds.

How is she fitting into size 12 mos jammies??

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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