Sunday, May 1

8 weeks to a better me v.1

Danielle Hampton at Sometimes Sweet, one of my daily reads, has come up with an inspiring idea! It goes hand and hand with my Small Changes Saturday feature; we will be making small goals each week to expand our horizons and try new things. I encourage you to hop over there and read the details! This week's topic is:

I want this to be a space for me to talk about my daily life, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I have a hard time being honest with those around me because I don't like to incite conflict through disagreements, especially about parenting. I want to allow myself be more real with the people around me. I don't want to just write essays, I want to speak to you. Because I tend to be very introverted, I think it's hard for people to really get to know me and it's not easy for me to make close friends. This weekly feature will help me to post more often and honestly. I hope I can be more open not only with you but myself as well.

1. Leave a daily comment on every blog I visit
2. Finish my intro to cloth diapering posts
3. Blog about my fluctuating self esteem

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I look forward to sharing some new things about myself and possibly getting to know some of you better as a result!

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