Friday, May 6

my Atlantic heart.

I can hardly believe it's May! Iris is almost 7 months old and 'swim season' has been in full swing here for a couple of months. It's been in the 90's already and we'll soon be making our first trip to the pool at our apartment complex. I hope we can make at least a few day trips to the beach this summer too. I'd love Iris to experience the ocean that I have loved so well. After growing up only minutes away from the northeastern coast, living 3 hours inland is sometimes a bit stifling. I miss the rolling of the waves, the fresh prickling of salty air against my skin and the overripe stench of seaweed (which everyone but myself seems to abhor, how curious!). Being a military family ensures that we are subject to relocation every few years, so we need to take advantage of living somewhat close to the beach while we still can!

We've been spending some quality time outside, Iris and I. We go for walks in the early afternoon if it's not too warm for comfort. We've got an Ergo carrier and a Baby K'tan but neither is really suited to this time of year. Iris is very heat sensitive like her daddy, so yesterday I ordered a light purple gauze sling from BabyEtte. It should be much cooler for both of us this summer, I can't wait to use it! It's nice to have a stroller for long walks but I much prefer carrying her. I love to snuggle with my baby girl and I want her to feel safe and secure.

IMG_1276 (1024x683)

The kitty was very pleased to be allowed outside with Marius yesterday- he's an indoor cat other than his occasional field trips onto the balcony. He was entranced by the birds (we call them his 'crunchies') diving from roof to tree. I love his intensity of expression as he attempts to will the birds into his claws.

 I am so looking forward to our adventures this summer; the first with our baby. I imagine her reaction to beholding the Atlantic, exploring the gritty sand and dipping her toes into the tide for the first time. With Marius' hand in mine and Iris cradled against my shoulder, we will stroll down the shore with hearts swelling. Life is truly a most wondrous thing.

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