Thursday, April 25

two and a half.

How shall I begin to describe the tremendous growth of your spirit? I ask myself if one blog post even begins to encompass the depth of your nature. Words flow from myself to paint the soft colors of your temperate nature, but to see you in the flesh of your young veracity is another thing in itself. 

While you've always been very observant, now you are asking all sorts of questions and sharing your thoughts about the world. You favor the phrase, "what's that?" We've tried to raise you to question things, and now the inclination is starting to display itself. For example if you hear the kitty making noise you'll say, "what's that kitty doing?? Maaaybe he's pushing his food bowls around." Then you'll run off to see whether your prediction was correct. You rarely assume anything, especially where the emotions of others are concerned; a true show of your intuitiveness.

Complex pretend-play takes place in your dollhouse as you very emotionally recreate scenarios of your own life. You have made up your first imaginary friend who is, according to you, "purple, with big sharp teeth and named Big-Rawr." You very much enjoy and have almost instantly mastered six different age 3+ puzzles we purchased for you. Your favorite toys are ever still your stuffed animals and animal figurines. You are absolutely obsessed with the movie Alice in Wonderland. You love being physical now more than ever before and thus very much at home in gymnastics and Kinderturn.

Recently, you have learned to put yourself to sleep completely without my assistance, though I often sit by your door to wait a few minutes for you to fall asleep. You are also learning to recognize when you become overwhelmed. When you do realize that you've lost control of processing stimuli, you tell me, "I need a break!" You still adore the tattoo I got to represent you, and you occasionally ask to pet Baby's Bunny. You've had a couple of temporary tattoos that you received at a birthday party, and it's adorable to hear you call them "tat-toons!" 

You've also become a wonderful eater and with a little coaxing, will try anything offered to you. Things I never thought I'd see you eat - salad, olives, mustard, fish - are now gobbled up. You've taken to repeating key phrases we use at the dinner table such as, "it's good for my body!" It would be difficult to list your favorite foods now, as you really do enjoy most everything.

You've become in integral part of the kitchen during meal times. You pour oatmeal and water for your breakfast, help me hold a knife to chop vegetables, beat eggs and add ingredients into a bowl or pan. Not only do you help me cook, but you are also learning how to set the table! You get napkins, forks, and spoons all by yourself and you know where to arrange them on the table. You even push your chair in after meals.

With the realization of yourself has also come the gnashing fury against anything which you feel threatens your independence and desires. There is no mindlessness to be found between your carefully enunciated rationals, though you are full of fierce conviction. How dare anyone think to question that which you have deemed true and acceptable? If you have not reasoned within yourself the actions we take, your beautiful and maddening will lashes out in defense. 

The surge of your growth is truly difficult to grasp. Not only do you possess your father's agile intellect, but also my intrinsic sensitivity.  You are a creature of passionate intelligence, with the strongest will balanced by the softest compassion. You are simply, quietly magnificent. 

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  1. Um. Her imaginary friend sounds terrifying. Also, that was beautiful.