Monday, May 9

seven months.

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Seven. Months. Old.
Seven months.
Maybe if I say it enough I'll start to believe it.

I've been brought to tears as I watch you, trying to capture each tiny feature before time melts them away. You are no longer a helpless kitten, nuzzling at my breast. You are a strong, curious little person who sits upon my lap, pats my shirt and asks "memememe!"

You roll back and forth on the carpet, reveling in the knowledge that you can travel our little home all by yourself. You sit joyfully on our laps to be read stories; your new favorite is when Dada reads you "I Love You Stinky Face!" You laugh at his dramatic voices and help turn the pages.

You poke your little tongue out to blow bubbles and raspberries that spray drool everywhere! You squeal and giggle when tickled and you have even figured out how to whistle! You often wiggle and kick while nursing and you're still not really interested in eating solid food. Your teething is very hard on you - we wish there were more comfort we could give you. Your little tears are heartbreaking but you still find it impossible not to find joy in everything you do and see.

You love when we make animal sounds, your "Pet the Animals" book, playing with stacking cups and squeaking Sophie the giraffe. You can pick up tiny objects with two fingers and bounce yourself. You still enjoy car rides and most especially being carried in the baby carriers. You don't like getting dressed or your crib. You whimper when you think you may be alone and call out, "maamaaa!" You still sleep next to me and we normally nurse many times during the night.

You're a very intense little girl and you feel your emotions so very deeply. You are so loving and beautiful and I am astonished by how much I love you. You're growing so fast, sometimes I hold you close and wish for time to pause so I can take you in just a little bit more. But I also look forward to the future and all the things you will learn and do, all the ways your face and heart will change. I love you, my seven month old baby - I will enjoy every moment with you, always.

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