Saturday, May 7

cloth diapers - hybrids.

Hybrids follow the same idea as AI2s (all in 2). Hybrid means "a thing made by combining two different elements". Thus, these diapers are designed to work with cloth inserts that lay or snap in, but also have environmentally friendly disposable inserts available. The disposable inserts are helpful when you're on the go and don't want to carry around any bulk. Depending on the brand, they can be composted or flushed and contain no dangerous chemicals.

The GroVia AI2 is also a hybrid system. Click to view larger.

Pros of hybrids:
convenience of disposable inserts
great for travel
no need for carrying wet bag with disposables

Cons of hybrids:
disposable inserts can be expensive
flushable inserts are not 100% flushable
some brand's inserts can leave sticky residue

As I've mentioned, we have a nice stash of GroVias. I've never needed to buy disposable inserts, but we may end up getting some in June for the long car trip up to our home state. It'll be nice to have this option while we're on a mini-roadtrip!

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