Wednesday, May 18

our day.

A couple hours after Marius left, Iris and I went for a walk! We stayed inside the gated area we live in because the city we currently live in is quite crime-ridden. 
It was a lovely 60 degrees and the sun was shining for the first time in days. 
Iris has recently started noticing her own shadow and how it moves as she does. 
We waved at her shadow and she squirmed and bounced with excitement. 
We picked her very first dandelion!
She held it like that, tenderly petting the flower with her other hand,
all the way home.
She didn't destroy it or put it in her mouth,
just observed it curiously and talked to it softly.
How sweet and gentle she is.
Afterwards, we were very sleepy. 

After a long nap, we played for a few hours on the floor and at the table.
I introduced her to a new toy we bought while I was still pregnant.
She loved it but got overwhelmed pretty quickly.

This afternoon, we checked the mail and... surprise!
Our new BabyEtte sling had arrived!
I put it on and took a picture immediately. It's so wonderful!
A friend texted not long after and picked us up for a little trip. 
We went to Target - I bought some much needed items like California Baby Sunscreen, Tide Free and Clear and dye-free Tylenol for Iris' hurty mouth. We went to the craft store afterwards and I resisted some impulse buys.
I didn't even get Starbucks, amazing!! Marius would be proud.

This evening has been quiet.
Iris is asleep and I am watching Food Network, something Marius abhors so I'm quite enjoying getting to watch cooking competitions with my friend Yuengling Lager!
Hope everyone else had as good a day as I did,
even if you're missing a loved one too!

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