Wednesday, September 3

almost four.

It blows my mind to think that our little girl is already almost four years old! You were just shy of two years old when we picked up our lives in North Carolina and moved to Germany. You have grown so much since then, having developed a strong sense of confidence in yourself. You were once very reserved, quiet and tentative. While you still possess those traits, choosing to closely observe situations before jumping into them, you seem to feel far more secure in exploring the world. You are far more willing to open yourself to others, sometimes even more than you will with us! 

If you see me eating anything, your immediate question is, "what is that, can I try it?" You enjoy trying all sorts of new foods and you have even now begun eating your only truly disliked item - onions! I find great enjoyment in seeing you devour things like fatty prosciutto, anchovy stuffed olives, creamed spinach and pickled beets.

Like your parents, you appreciate every genre of music; from hard rock to classical. Some of your favorite songs right now are The Zoo, by Simon and Garfunkle, Don't Fear the Reaper, by Blue Oyster Cult and West Coast, by Lana Del Ray. I should also add The Carnival of the Animals, Aquarium - you immediately recognized that it was from The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and you now request it every time I play classical music to read. 

You love doing 100+ piece puzzles with me, playing with each and every one of your dozens of stuffed animals, and going for walks. You also started to learn how to swim this summer! Your favorite board game is Candyland, and your favorite show is still Daniel Tiger. We walk to the grocery store a few times every week, and you love to carry your babies on your back, just like we did with you when you were a baby.

Little Bunny, your Papa and I are so very proud of the person you are becoming.