Sunday, May 8

8 weeks to a better me v.2

This week on Sometimes Sweet, the inspirational topic is fitness. I started groaning inwardly as soon as I read this. I don't do fitness. In middle school, I was required to play two sports a year and was quite athletic but upon entering high school, I was no longer obligated. So I simply stopped doing anything sports related and it certainly didn't help that I started smoking shortly after.

Over the last several years, exercise has been a huge 'trigger' for me in terms of my eating disorder. When restricting my caloric intake, I would secretly and obsessively exercise to burn off the few calories I actually took in. Exercising turns on my "starve switch". When Iris was a month old, my parents bought us a Baby Jogger CityMini. I am in love with it, we have used it for long walks and a few times in the mall, but I certainly haven't taken a jog with it! In short, this week is going to be difficult for me, I don't want to push myself too much but I will do my best.

1. Go for a walk with Iris every day
2. Stretch for at least 15 mins daily
3. Do daily 'squats', as many as I'm comfortable with

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