Saturday, May 7

cloth diapers - pockets.

These are similar to AI2s (all in 2), but instead of the fabric insert being laid into the waterproof shell, it is stuffed into it! A thin layer of fabric sewn against the shell is designed to keep baby's skin dry and creates a pocket to stuff with the fabric insert. This style allows you to stuff with as many inserts as you want, so you decide how absorbent you want the diaper to be. When it's soiled, remove the insert and drop both insert and shell into your wet bag. 

Example of a FuzziBunz pocket diaper. Click to view larger.
Pros of pockets:
cheaper than AIOs
very versatile
wicks away moisture from baby's bottom
usually trim fit

Cons of pockets:
more expensive than hybrids or prefolds/covers
stuffing adds time to laundering routine
you may have to touch the soiled insert
can have buildup problems with liner part of pocket
dryness not great for potty learning age

We have 5 BumGenius! OS and 1 FuzziBunz OS in our stash right now. I stuff them with two very absorbent inserts to use as nighttime diapers and that's been working great so far. Iris is a heavy wetter at night and was even leaking out of disposables when we used them. The pocket stuffing is an extra 5 minutes after laundering, but it's worth it for the versatility and dryness factors. Can't wait to add more to our diaper basket!

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