Sunday, April 5


It's no secret that I have been severely absent from this blog for many months now. However, I recently became inspired to finally take out my camera again and snap a couple of pictures of Iris during this Easter season. I feel this year is already flying by so quickly! This year, Iris has dyed eggs with our friends, peeled and eaten her first hard boiled egg by herself and has been very surprised and pleased with the Easter Bunny's offerings. She had a special breakfast of a traditional German Easter bunny pastry, called an osterhasen.

On the Saturday before Easter, Iris also took part in the festivities put on every year by the base. We had an egg hunt, crafts and a small informal dance routine. Iris has taken a particular liking to her dance class and has every song and dance routine memorized. She was very happy to show this off to a ballroom full of people (she is the one in the pink dress!) I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!