Saturday, May 7

small changes saturday v.3

During Earth Day, our commissary had all sorts of special deals on environmentally friendly products. Though I could have gone on a buying-spree, we do have a weekly budget for groceries so I had to limit myself to Clorox Green Works dish washing detergent and some fresh cantaloupe melons (which were delicious, by the way). We also purchased 5 reusable grocery bags, which I love but have yet to remember to bring with us to the store! 

The next day, I decided the tub finally needed cleaning after weeks of neglect. That's a nice thing about needing glasses - without your frames, you are magically blind to the atrocity that is an untended shower! So, I used the Green Works to concoct some homemade bathtub cleaner and let me tell you... it works so much better than chemical-based products! Scrubbing Bubbles has got nothing on this stuff. All you need is baking soda and detergent. Pour about 1/4 cup baking soda into a small bowl and then add detergent slowly, mixing with a spoon until it reaches the consistency of frosting. Done! 

I wet a double-sided sponge, scooped out some homemade cleaner and went to work. Ten minutes later, the tub/shower was brighter and cleaner than ever. I wasn't breathing in fumes, my hands weren't tingling with chemicals and Iris was able to come in and watch! I certainly wouldn't feel okay with her as an audience if I were using bleach or CLR. I used it to clean the sinks too and it had the same effect. It took stains off the metal kitchen sink that have been there since we moved in! As you can tell, the domestic side of me is very pleased and proud of this! I never thought I could make my own household cleaners until recently. Here's a website where you can learn more - or google search homemade household cleaners and you'll find plenty of recipes. 

Overall, it's healthier for my family, the water supply and environment. I plan to eventually get rid of all our chemical based cleaning products other than maybe drain and toilet cleaner when we need it. We will have less worry that Iris could get into something poisonous once she starts crawling and walking and I won't be concerned when the kitty goes into those bathroom cabinets (yes, he does that). I suggest trying this, it can't get much easier and it will save money too! 

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