Friday, May 13

an "off" day.

I've been feeling pretty bummed out today, though I'm not really sure why. I'm going to attribute it to my hormones which have been all over the place over the last, well... the last year and a half at this point! Unless you count PMS in which case it's been over a decade, hooray!

Iris woke up at 6am this morning. After a long 2 hour attempt to get her to sleep the night before and getting up multiple times at night, I was pretty tired. We had a quiet morning as usual - I had coffee, worked on a few posts and went about my morning routine while she played at the table. Before it started getting hot, we walked to the office to send my mother's birthday card about 4 days late. That's part of the reason I'm a bit sad but at least I wrote her a nice surprise birthday email to try to make up for it. Things have just been so busy with Iris lately and I've had to put a lot of other things on hold.

In other news, the kitty did some weird things today.

Iris started making some extra-strange sounds today along with blowing big bubbles. On the way to the office, she carried her granny's letter all the way and didn't want to let go, how adorable! Then on the way back I gave her my keys to play with and she held them with both hands behind her head... all the way home. It was really quite odd and funny! She spent the rest of the day being very grumpy, as she tends to be until Marius comes home. I feel like she's making up for the colic she didn't have as a newborn with her misery lately. I wish I could do more for her teething pain but I don't feel right with Tylenol more than once a day (she gets one dose about an hour before bedtime).

Today has just been one of those days where I'm overly tired, feeling a bit isolated and just blah. I'm sure tomorrow will be brighter! I love my family, Marius should be home soon and there are beers in the fridge with my name on them. After all, I ate 1600 calories worth of Taco bell for dinner, two beers can't do much more damage! 

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