Monday, June 10

my water baby.

When Iris was about six months old, I started a little photo project which resulted in some of my favorite photos I've ever taken of my daughter. Every few months, I photograph her in the bath and the progression of pictures over time is amazing to me.

Her uninterrupted details capture my heart. As a baby, her hair lay wet and flat against her head, ending above her neck in a little "ducktail" as tiny, dimpled hands grasped at the tub, with a little tongue poking out.

Now she is almost three years old and her hands are no longer dimpled as she scrubs the tub with a washcloth. Her hair has grown into fine little ringlets that bounce happily near her once plump apple cheeks.

I request a smile for the camera - I sing to her, tell her funny stories, make funny noises - she is unamused. "No, I'm cleaning with you, Mama."

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