Friday, October 28

the wrapping disaster.

So, I know that I promised some videos of wrapping with our new Didymos at the end of the week... you know, about a week ago. Oops! To be honest, I actually did try to take a video of doing a ruck carry with Iris but it did not end well. Not because the video was bad, but because I'm still hurting from it! It's looking like I may have to resell our beautiful wrap.
Love this fabric and it's so cozy for winter.
The issue is my tendinitis, which I developed a couple of years ago as a results of a very poor diet and not taking care of myself - at least, this is what I suspect. The activity and motion it takes to wrap a piece of fabric over four meters long around myself and a baby who's balanced on my back is more than enough to aggravate my left shoulder, which is the worst. Almost a week later and I can still barely move my arm in the morning. I get pain shooting down my arm and have to take a good 800mg of ibuprofen to be able to function almost normally! It's so frustrating to have this kind of issue at 24 years old. So - take care of yourself now, people! You are not immune!

I haven't decided whether to keep the wrap. But we can only use the two most basic front carries and that's a lot of money (140 big ones, in fact) for very little versatility. But good god is it gorgeous! I don't want to give it up! Should I keep it and use it however we can, or should I sell it and get a mei tai or even start the tattoo fund I've been meaning to get around to? Decisions, decisions... I wanted this to work out so badly but it just hurts me way too much! RIP ruck carry!
Iris nursing in the wrap... and my toothbrush says hello!


  1. Damnit! That wrap is so cute! But if you don't have the way to do multiple wraps, is it really worth it? You could get another carrier that works better for you and be able to use more options. Also- thank you for the email on the different slings. I gotta do my research! xoxox

  2. Didn't learn from me when I busted my shoulder while rucking, eh? Heheh.

    Is the gorgeous sling comfortable? Can you carry Iris in it in two positions comfortably? I would keep it if it still serves a practical purpose (while still being gorgeous, of course).

    From what I understand, she is too heavy for the ring sling now so that pretty much lives it and the back pack style carrier that I can't remember the name. So we have two properly functioning slings. I wouldn't look for more as we are both a bit broken and we are both limited in the ways that we can carry.