Monday, October 24

so tired.

I am so exhausted today I could just cry.
I stayed up late to talk to Marius last night, then Iris was up about 12 times.
I guess I've been spoiled lately with infrequent wakings; this should be a walk in the park for me!
Iris' fever was down to nothing this morning, so we went out for a short walk.
The fever has returned this afternoon, just above 101.
I'm really beginning to wonder how long this is going to last.
I am stumbling around the house in a fog; I couldn't even manage to properly peel boiled eggs for lunch!
And I have an eye twitch that won't go away... so annoying!
Anyway, here are some pictures from our walk this morning.

The hat she's wearing in the pictures was knitted by the wife of one of Marius' friends. Just adorable!
Iris' friend, Jane, is coming over today for a visit while her mom goes to an appointment,
so hopefully they keep each other entertained!!


  1. aw adorable pictures!!!

  2. Iris is adorable. LOVE the hat. Hope you two feel better soon!

  3. So selfless to watch someone else's kid when you're so tired! You're a great friend.