Tuesday, October 18

autumn sensory bin.

IMG_3308 (1024x683)
Dry oatmeal, an avocado seed, and a collection of dried leaves and seeds.

IMG_3309 (1024x683)
It was really quite aesthetically appealing...

IMG_3311 (1024x683)
First, dump it all out.

IMG_3312 (1024x732)
"Whaaat is this stuff Mama!?"

IMG_3316 (1024x683)
"I don't know about this..."

IMG_3323 (1024x683)
"I guess the bin seems pretty harmless..."

IMG_3326 (1024x683)
Tentatively poking at everything.

IMG_3329 (1024x683)
Deciding on the twig and the avocado seed.

IMG_3333 (1024x683)
Exploring texture.

IMG_3345 (1024x683)
"You want me to play with that stuff? Fuggedaboutit!"

IMG_3348 (1024x683)
Found her teddy bear!

IMG_3353 (1024x731) (2)
Giving him a big hug.

IMG_3364 (1024x733)
"Mr. Bear is going to help me!"

IMG_3368 (1024x731)
"Mr. Bear, you sit next to me, right here."

IMG_3379 (1024x683)
"Now help me spread this stuff everywhere!"

IMG_3357 (1024x683)
All done!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Oatmeal on the floor. Her and her bear are so cute. I'll have to door an outdoor bin. Jane loved crunching the leaves outside today.