Saturday, October 29

speaking of my tendinitis...

I did something really amazingly stupid this morning which ended in a true disaster (well, kind of). Marius and I have a heavy, wooden framed queen-sized bed. Against my better judgement, I decided to attempt to lift it on my own to pull out my winter clothes. Because, of course, I am too proud or stubborn to ask for help with something like that. This brilliant idea ended with no winter clothes. As I lifted the bed, I felt a disk slip in my lower back. It's always a shock to discover parts of your body you aren't quite aware exist in such a profound way until you manage to injure them. I was on the floor so fast - it was a sharp reminder that I am not 17 years old any more and am in terrible physical form in comparison.

I wasn't able to take Iris to her Halloween party today, for which I feel horrible. She would have had such a good time. If I hadn't done something so obviously stupid... anyway, I spent the entire day on the couch with an ice pack on my back. Poor Iris was rather confused as to why we weren't going for walks or playing. If I keep my back perfectly straight, the pain is very minimal. It's gotten much better since the initial injury this morning, but I am still very much out of commission in a way I've never quite experienced before.

So, not the kind of disaster that resulted in an ER visit (though it almost was, I was very close to going in but then discovered I could indeed still walk). Not the kind of disaster that calls for one of my family members to come stay with me to help care for Iris... but still bad to the point that I can't be or do anything remotely resembling my normal self. I can't bend over at all. I can't make much of any movement other than stiffly doddering around. Apparently, Ibuprofen is determined to become further acquainted with myself. I  just hope there is no long term damage done.


  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from the followers fest. I love your blog! I especially like the post a few below with you wearing your baby. I'm excited for my first to arrive and I can't wait to start babywearing! I just love the attachment parenting lifestyle. Blessings!