Monday, October 10

first birthdays.

A little over a year ago, I met Lena. We were both getting to the point of becoming extremely large-stomached women. Large with babies of course. Our due dates were around the same time but Lena was convinced that I was going to have mine first - I'd been having braxton hicks for weeks and she hadn't felt a thing! 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, a few friends had come to the hospital to goggle my brand new baby Iris. As they left, they mentioned they were going to go see Lena. Yes! We had our babies on the exact same amazing day of 10-10-10! Quite the coincidence! Our daughters, Iris and Jane, met each other on their first day of life and have been enjoying play dates ever since. I'm so thankful to have met Lena that year, she has proven to be a truly wonderful friend.

She and Jane came over today to celebrate their first birthday! We made baked brie and pork and hominy stew which was magically delicious. The girls played, slept and of course opened a few presents. Even though  our husbands are far away, we made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves. I will be sad when our family moves away from theirs next year, but hopefully we run into each other again in the future!

IMG_3030 (1024x731)
Lena and Jane.

IMG_3033 (1024x731)
Using the rocker for balance. 

IMG_3034 (1024x732)
Sweet Jane.

IMG_3037 (1024x731)
Playing with stacking cups. 

IMG_3040 (1024x683)
Inspecting the presents.

IMG_3045 (1024x732)
What are these things?

IMG_3046 (1024x683)
Look Iris, there's something inside!

IMG_3053 (1024x683)
A book!

IMG_3054 (1024x683)
Matching books, just like matching birthdays!

IMG_3056 (1024x732)
Birthday girls. 

IMG_3060 (1024x730)
Look, a baby!

IMG_3063 (1024x683)
Such a happy baby!

IMG_3069 (1024x683)
Opening presents is very serious business. 

IMG_3071 (1024x683)
700 stickers. Somehow I think mama is going to regret this...

IMG_3089 (1024x732)
Hey, did you take my book?

IMG_3094 (1024x683)
It's okay, your head is sooo soft - I love you!

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  1. I've read this 5 times and I still laugh at the last photo like I'm seeing it for the first time.