Thursday, October 20

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Yesterday morning, I tried cake in a cup for the first time. Coffee cake in a cup, to be exact. It literally took about 5 minutes to make and has all "real" ingredients! Iris took a few bites of it too. It will definitely be a regular breakfast in this home from now on! 

I bought these cat treats for the Kitty a few weeks ago at Trader Joe's. He loves them so much more than the typical brands you can buy at the supermarket. They actually smell like fish food, which is weird. I find myself treating him a lot more often now that Marius is away and he's lonely and feeling a little bit neglected.

Kitty sad, even though I was playing with him at the time.
I'll be starting to work on our PCS (which stands for Permanant Change of Station) soon, as we will be leaving for Germany early next year. Many things need to be organized and prepared for our overseas move and I'd rather not be doing it all last minute. This blog has some great suggestions about the things which can be taken care of early on. 

My friend Lena and I made this Ancho Pork and Hominy Stew last week. It was sooo good. I recommend it with some toasty bread for a cozy autumn meal. We just used normal chili powder instead of the ancho type, both because we couldn't find it and thought it might make it too spicy for our babies.

I think I'm going to buy these boots in black. My other pairs of boots are very worn and falling apart at this point, though I do wonder if I can get them fixed as it's mostly issues with the soles. Anyway, the price is right on these and they look nice... but these zippered boots are lovely and these red suede boots are brilliant...

I ordered this book for Iris last night. She already has a few books by this author, Karen Katz, and she loves every one of them. I plan on collecting all of them because she gets that excited about the illustrations, especially the 'lift-the-flap' books. She already has this Halloween book and loves it.
Nap time in Mama's arms.
A lot of my older sweaters have little holes in them. No idea how it keeps happening, but I suspect it's my rings catching on them. I found this great tutorial recently on darning. New project!

If you're looking for a good laugh, go here. You won't regret it, assuming you have a sense of humor!

Autumn is starting to make an appearance here in NC! This weekend, Iris and I are going to a local pumpkin patch with a few friends! Iris is going to love running around, and it's supposed to be a perfect 60ish degrees. Definitely looking forward to that; I'll be taking lots of pictures of Iris and her little friends!

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