Monday, October 17

my hemp indio.

IMG_3245 (1024x683)

This is my Didymos woven wrap, bought used from a lovely mama on the The Babywearer
Didymos brand wraps are hand loomed in Germany.

IMG_3260 (1024x683)

There is a multitude of colors, weaves, fabrics and patterns available - mine is an Antracite Hemp Indio! 
The fabric is 50% hemp and 50% cotton with a gorgeous black and white weave. 
It's a size 5, which means this baby is over 4 meters long!

IMG_3249 (1024x683)

 I can already tell how wonderfully comfortable and durable this wrap is going to be long term!
I've definitely fallen in love with its versatility and how cushy and supportive it is.
I'll be posting a video soon about how to do different types of wrapping with it - both with Iris on my front and on my back. Should be entertaining for all!

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