Thursday, November 3

two new videos.

I took these two videos in the last few days mostly for Marius' benefit, since he can't be here to see the different stages of Iris' learning. Babies pack a lot of learning in between 11 and 13 months!! In the first video I was finally able to catch her baa-ing and neighing. I know it's going to be hard, but please try to ignore how many times I ask her "what does a sheep say?! what does a horse say?!" I don't usually sound so crazy and repetitive... really, I promise... yup. 

And here she is, walking along again! I've posted a few similar ones in the past, but I wanted to be able to show Marius the progression of her steadiness and independence. Now, she doesn't usually want to hold my hand much and god forbid if I try to help her up when she falls!

Hope you enjoyed!

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