Thursday, November 3

beautiful afternoon at the park.

Today, Iris and I met up with four of our very good friends. We had a delicious lunch of BLT sandwiches and pasta salad, then walked around the block to a really nice little park. The kids had a wonderful time; no grumpiness and all adventure! 

I spent more time taking pictures of everyone than I did playing with Iris, but she hardly seemed to mind! My little girl is so confident to hit the road without me. I love watching her follow her own little heart, even if it's just around the playground. Such fearless joy is visible in our children. It radiates from their being. 
I hope they carry that freedom to live, within themselves, for all the days of their lives.

IMG_3548 (1024x683)

IMG_3551 (1024x683)

IMG_3559 (1024x683)

IMG_3590 (1024x683)

IMG_3565 (1024x683)

IMG_3606 (1024x683)

IMG_3608 (1024x683)

IMG_3633 (1024x731)

IMG_3638 (1024x732)

IMG_3615 (1024x736)

IMG_3622 (1024x683)

IMG_3635 (1024x733)

IMG_3664 (1024x732)

IMG_3674 (1024x683)

IMG_3553 (1024x684)


  1. OMG! That last picture is amazing, look at that strut!! I need a copy, asap!

  2. These are awesome. :) I didn't get any of IR. He was all over the place.

  3. The last image is top notch. Purely regal.