Thursday, November 10

13 months.

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Iris, you are 13 months old today! You had your 12 month well-baby appointment not long ago and weighed around 18.8lbs. We saw a new doctor this time, the same woman who took care of your skin infection a few months ago. She was wonderful! There was no discussion of percentiles and no critiquing of your weight or questioning of your ability to eat solid foods, as the old pediatrician was prone to doing. There was genuine interaction with both of us, unlike the old doctor who was very spacey and insincere. I'm glad we've finally found a doctor who seems to share our family's views!

You are walking very steadily now, even full on running! When I ask, you point excitedly to your hair, head, ears, teeth, tongue, hands, fingers, tummy, bellybutton, feet, and toes! You know what I mean when I ask you to "say" something, and you use words for different types of food like "caaaado" for avocado, and sounds like "beep beep!" You are also learning to put two words together, for example "kitty memem" when you want me to nurse your kitty blanket!

You are very open with giving big hugs and kisses, but only when you want them! You also blow raspberries on me! You enjoy wandering around the house with a sweatshirt or t-shirt in your mouth or over your face. You know how to tickle my feet and also use my hair to tickle my face. During our daily walks outside, you wave to everyone that walks by and also get very enthusiastic about barking dogs. 

You love your Teddy, playing with your (clean) diapers, and reading. You eat a wide variety of foods now along with nursing voraciously as usual. Your favorites are avocado, strawberries, clementines and pasta with tomato sauce! Pictures of Papa cause you to grin and exclaim, "Papapapa!" I can see that you miss him so much when he is away. Your newest favorite outdoor activity is being handed my keys, and running over to where the mailboxes are. You lift your arms to be picked up and jingle the keys, say "muh!" for mail and pull out whatever is inside.

You are interested in everything and love life so well. You are determined, strong and so very spirited. 
You are so intense and focused in everything you do.
The moments when you turn from your adventures and see me looking at you, you raise your arms and open your mouth wide with a squeal of glee and run back into my arms... those are the best. I marvel at your perfect joy.
I love you. You can always run back to me.

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