Sunday, December 4

links I love.

This is a well written story about a woman's experience with charity. Definitely made me rethink my perspective. This year, I donated a whole bunch of never-used formula, toothbrushes, toothpaste, other personal care items, and canned tuna fish and pineapple. I'm thinking we can afford to give a little more this year.

Moon and Sable on Etsy. I love the V drop earrings, the lone wolf necklace and the crystal fragments duster earrings!

I adore Modcloth. I've bought all of my clothes in the last year from this store, and love every piece! They sell retro, vintage inspired, indie and overall stylish clothing I haven't seen anywhere else. I'll have to make a "what's in my closet" post some day!

This article talks about how, in my home state of Rhode Island, formula companies are no longer allowed to use hospitals to send samples of formula home with every new mother. Formula will still be given to those who may need or request it, but is no longer given indiscriminately. I hope this gets more mothers and babies off to the best start possible!

I made this Quinoa and Green Olive Stew (without the chicken) last week and it was delicious! I might just make it again today! I've been really getting into using quinoa in my every day cooking, since I have accidentally gone mostly-vegetarian since Marius left.

Rhythm & Ritual is a blog I stumbled across at some point recently and I found it really interesting to scroll through.Very inspiring images. 

I look for a lot of my tattoo inspiration here. A lot of it is not my style, but it's still fun to browse! I have two small tattoos currently - the first was on my lower stomach when I was 19 and the second a symbol on my inner wrist a few years ago. I have been planning a few larger pieces for several years now. When we get to Germany, Marius and I are definitely planning on actively pursuing getting tattooed some more. He's got three right now, one of which is a piece covering most of his back. Here is one of my favorite artists in the US, Thomas Hooper!

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