Sunday, December 25

her favorite christmas present.

Iris received so many wonderful gifts for Christmas. Thank you to all of our family and friends who were so thoughtful and generous! She gave attention to each and every present. But her most favorite present of all...?

Not the interactive, wooden play kitchen and food from her Granny. 
Not the beautifully illustrated books or outfit from her Pepe and Susan.
Not the sweet little dress or book from her Aunties.
Not the adorable Jasmine doll from our family friends.
Not the latch board or her pull along snail... 

The Potty. 

All she would say was "pee pee!" and "pahhh pahh" - granted, I definitely encourage it under the pretense of making potty learning easier when that time comes around. I eventually had to put The Potty away because all this little girl wanted to do was stand in it, sit on it and carry it around with her. Nothing else existed once she pulled this magical device from its decorative bag. Hooray for The Potty - thank you Santa!

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