Tuesday, April 23

springtime in germany.

After weeks of what was considered the coldest spring in the last decade, spring has finally arrived in Germany! After Iris' gymnastics class, we took a trip to one of the many parks on base and brought a picnic lunch of grilled subs. Iris was was so excited to eat outside and play! She climbed all the ladders herself and even went down the big slides on her own! Here's to many more days in the sun and trips to the park! 

Rocking on the fishy.

Spinning us all around!

On the seesaw! 

Papa enjoys the park too!

Mastering the rope ladder.

This slide was like a rocket launcher for small children.

Watch me!

She got spun around and bonked on this big slide, but kept on going!

Cool wheels.

This is the only motorcycle Marius gets until he retires. 

A snuggle on the swing.

My big girl.


  1. Her eyes in that first photo - so beautiful :) and I love your shorter hair!

  2. Nice park/playground! :) Can you walk to it or is it a bit of a drive??

  3. Ok... The rocket launcher for small children comment got a full snort out of me. Marius on the motorcycle was pretty funny too and I totally didn't notice you cut your hair until his mom mentioned it. It looks good (and I bet your neck thanks you after every shower). Your tattoo placement is awesome too. I'm full of wannabe-stalker compliments tonight. :)