Tuesday, May 28

famous rhubarb pie.


  1. Omg..first of all Iris face is priceless..and the pie..if it tastes as good as the appearance maybe u can market it at the local store! Damn that sure doesn't look like any pies I've done..maybe MY GRANDMOTHER..LOL. Grampa loves rhubarb pie I will have to show him picture..she used to make it..grew it in her huge garden.Myself I have never even tasted rhubarb!
    Tell my boy that he may start gaining some weight with all your great baking/cooking! Mention to him I showed him in April all the pictures u have taken in Germany. love Sandi

  2. I still think you are evil for posting this, but that little girl is so beautiful. Her hair is adorable. I don't think I could ever say no to her. I certainly can't to Jane half the time. They've got us, Adria!!! There is no hope for escape from their cuteness or their demands.