Thursday, August 18


My new cloth baby wipes came, hooray! 
Don't ask me why I haven't been using them all along.
It makes no sense to me either.

New Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast coffee is smooth and delicious!

A sneek peek at Iris' birthday decorations in the works!

Cute baby hugging my face.

We watched a bit of Sesame Street - Iris loves it when they count!
I really needed to start working on some of her birthday decorations and Sesame Street will distract her from me for short periods of time. I am hand-making all of the decor and really enjoying it!

Lately, she's been nursing around every 30 minutes due to teething
 or a growth spurt, I'm not sure.
She apparently enjoys being able to see Big Bird while nursing.

Today, we were picked up by a friend and joined another girlfriend at her new house. She is finally moving in to a new house after a tornado destroyed her rental back in April. So happy she's finally at the end of this stressful time, as her hubby is also deployed! I'll hopefully be watching her cute, year old son next week as she unpacks.

On the way back home, we stopped at Krispy Kreme for my very first time! 
I ate three donuts in one sitting.
And I am in love. 
This weekend we are taking a trip to Ikea! Marius also has some sort of super-secret surprise planned for this long weekend... I can't want to find out what it is!

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