Saturday, August 13

a letter to my kitty.

Dear Meow-Meow,

During my pregnancy, I was insistent on the fact that the new baby wouldn't take your place. And she hasn't, but we have a different relationship now than we used to. Your personality has changed since Iris entered the equation -  you're more easily startled, more desperate for attention and yet more independent. You used to spend your days sleeping in the living room next to me on the couch, but now prefer the cat-tower in the other room. I used to give you love at every opportunity, and I still do but those opportunities are less now. 

You used to lay on your back in our laps during meal times, something most people would frown upon but you were that important to us. You often got little bits of scrambled egg or licks of syrup and butter as you basked in our constant attention. Marius used to pick you up cradle you in his arms - one of your favorite things in the world. We played with you with ribbons and feathered balls. These things don't happen much anymore, which makes me feel very sad.

I was brought up instilled with a deep love for animals, and you were my baby before Iris. We still call you The First Baby, but you have to beg for our attention. After Iris was born, you took to biting our ankles for attention and earned the nickname Piranha Cat. You have lately started to slam the kitchen cupboard doors in the evening to get me to come over and play with you. It's inexcusable to me that things have gotten to this point. When you slam the cupboard I tend to curse and become irritated with your behavior. But I know deep down you don't do it to be annoying, you do it because you want us to spend time with you, like we do with Iris during the day.

When we took you home with us over 2 years ago, we taught you that you are part of our family. Lately, I think you are feeling very left out, bored and even a little bit depressed. You have a wonderful personality; sweet and affectionate, social and playful. I miss spending quality time with you and I want to make more of an effort to make you snuggly and happy. 

I think you're the best kitty in the world and I am going to do my best to show you that from now on.

Love, Me

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