Wednesday, August 17

busy mama.

Lately, I've been feeling as though I have a lot on my plate in addition to the usual cleaning, cooking and child-rearing. It's also "that time of the month" for me, which after childbirth now comes with special new effects! Being too active or standing for too long makes the area around my pubic bone very sore, as though I just gave birth again yesterday. In fact, the whole front area of my pelvic bones get sore as though I've been beaten and it requires motrin and rest. From what I can tell, this is somewhat normal due to hormonal changes, but still really annoying. I blame it on my uterus for making its grand appearance after Iris, see: why we're only having one child.

I've been having trouble falling asleep (never mind staying asleep) and getting my mind to be still. Marius and I have been doing a lot of discussing and planning for his impending deployment and all the things we need to get settled before he goes. He leaves a month from now for six months. I have been planning Iris' early first birthday party and am doing all sorts of DIY projects for it which I haven't even really started yet! I should really get started on that today - lots of painting, designing, crafting and cooking to do!

Anyway, here's another new adorable video of Iris playing with the Kitty. He went to the vet for vaccinations last Sunday, so we bought him some new toys to make up for the experience. Enjoy! 

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