Wednesday, August 24

busy mama pt.2!

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Busy mama part 2... how many more sequels will there be?? 
I have little to no time or energy to be posting on my dear blog lately. I am babysitting a one-year-old little boy for a friend in the afternoons, trying to keep the house clean and orderly, cooking, taking care of a very needy little baby girl, trying to devote time to my husband and squeezing in crafts for Iris' party. It really doesn't seem like that much when I write it down, but it's hard when everything involves Iris hanging on my legs, whining. I'm sure she's about to have a huge growth spurt because she is nursing fiendishly every 30 minutes. Her teeth are also coming in steadily and slowly, which doesn't help. I confess, I am very worn out from it. 

I am so tired today. Both babies were exhausted and grumpy all afternoon and I haven't even gotten the chance to eat lunch. I enjoyed playing with them a lot, but how do you get kids to take a nap without constantly disturbing each other?? In other news, Iris finally chewed and choked down her first Cheerio - without throwing it up! Her gag reflex has gotten really sensitive to the point of gagging even before food gets in her mouth. We are taking her in for an evaluation next week to see if the nutritionist can give us any help with teaching her how to eat. She is perfectly healthy and happy otherwise - she is obviously thriving on my milk, but we need to advance our role in helping her learn that food isn't the enemy. 

Other than being really busy, things are really great around here as usual. My birthday is in less than a week - I'll be 24 years old! To be honest, I almost forgot my birthday completely. I know Marius has something special planned, as he always does. All I know is I've been warned not to look at our shared amazon account! Hopefully I will be back to posting more regularly soon! 

(Also, if anyone is interested - I have 5 BumGenius for sale in EUC! 
Waiting on a shipment of new Fuzzibunz which I am all too excited about!)

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