Sunday, August 7


We are back from our week-long vacation to RI!

For some reason my scheduled "goodbye" post didn't publish, which I don't understand but oh well! I didn't even check my blog while I was gone, nor spend time on a computer - it was amazing! The visit to our home state was very busy but full of lovely people we haven't seen in a long time. We do wish we'd been able to stay longer - to visit with family more thoroughly and have some time to ourselves. Now that we're home, we are spending the weekend relaxing. I haven't even finished unpacking our things yet. We've been playing with Iris and the Kitty, and watching episodes of Smallville. Marius and I have gotten some time to ourselves too which has been much needed. More later on our trip to RI, how Iris scared the hell out of us, the new things she has learned and some great pictures. 


It is so good to be home!

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