Monday, July 11

treats I want to make.

Living in North Carolina means easy access to 
extremely delicious local peaches every summer.
Joy the Baker makes a scrumptious and fresh looking peach and raspberry crumble that makes me drool just looking at her photos.

I love s'mores. They are one of the staples of summer.
I remember my first one, at a family friend's house when I was around three. 
I can still feel how the melty marshmellow stuck to my fingers and hair.
If you don't have access to an open fire, these s'mores bars over at The Alchemist look amazing!

I can hardly wait until Iris is old enough to learn about bumblebees
and help me make these adorable little cookies!
My sister in law is going to make them with the children she babysits for.
I'm excited to hear how it goes!

So far this summer, I have made cinnamon swirl banana bread, Marius' favorite brownies and my mother's recipe for rhubarb pie, which is always a hit.
Have you made anything tasty this summer?

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