Sunday, July 10

nine months.

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You grasp our hands and toddle on tiny feet across the house in long, wide steps.
You will play accompanied by only your toys - wood, fabric and plastic.
However, you find people, plants and books much more interesting.
You're always chasing the kitty but that's nothing new!

The Love Noise (gently cooing) is only shared with me, Daddy and the Kitty.
You pull yourself up on the couch, the windowsill, bookshelves, or our legs.
You have your first top tooth now, that's three total! 
About six others are swelling up your gums, ready to come through.
Nursing for comfort while on hands and knees or standing is the new cool.

You love to dance to every sort of music there is; 
shaking, wiggling and stomping your feet to the beat.
Naps are now taken on your little mattress next to our bed, 
but you still fall asleep nursing sweetly in my arms.

You are amazed by the concepts of 'underneath' and 'on top'. 
You are quickly learning 'inside' and 'over there'.
You follow me around the house and also happily crawl to me when beckoned.
Your much loved bubble baths are now taken in the big girl tub - I call you 
my Slippery Seal Baby.

You give me big bear hugs,
rest your head on my shoulder and
plant wet kisses on my cheeks and jaw.
You wrap yourself around me 
like a soft little starfish.

Oh, how I love you my sweet baby.

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