Monday, July 25

learning machine.

It has only been two weeks since Iris' 9 month post, but she's already learned so much more! Last week, she played "peek-a-boo" with me for the first time! We'd just taken a bubble bath together, I had wrapped her up in a towel and put the hood over her head, which she can't stand. She grabbed the hood with both hands, pulled it up and grinned at me. She pulled it back down... then pulled it back up with another grin and repeated as I asked "wheeere's Iris? ...there she is!" It was so adorable I could have just squished her! 

She holds onto the couch and coffee table and walks herself along them. If we hold her hands and move quickly, she can literally run down the hallway! She turns the pages as I read stories and lets out breathy "peh" sounds in reaction to her favorite pictures. Today she started imitating me giving her kisses - when I purse my lips, she will do the same. She imitates sounds as well! 

In the bath this past weekend, I put a few toy links in the water and she immediately learned that she could use one hand to pick them up, while using the other hand to hold multiple rings. She loves picking up two objects at once in one hand and that was the first time she'd made the connection that she can hold more than two at one time.

I'm so impressed and amazed by this little girl!

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