Saturday, June 4

what I've been up to lately.

In the last week or so, I've been doing quite a lot of reading - something I haven't done much of in the last year. First, it was the discomfort of the later months of pregnancy which kept me from sleeping properly and getting comfortable enough to fully enjoy a book. Then it was caring for a newborn who wanted to nurse for 5 hours straight, and I certainly hadn't mastered doing everything one-handed in those early days. The older she got, the more awake and active, the more attention she required... Now she is mobile and needs constant supervision! Between playing and reading with her, changing diaps and bathing, making dinner and cleaning, there isn't too much room for devouring books like I once did. I do spend time on the internet because it's easy to navigate with one hand while Iris nurses in the crook of my other arm. That is where I've been doing my reading, though it's not quite as satisfying as turning pages it makes up by being... well, the greatest  collection of knowledge in existence. I read mostly about philosophy, self improvement (not to be confused with self-help) and parenting.

This week I made the best meatloaf ever. Marius proclaimed it was "fraking delicious" and demanded that I save the recipe. I also attempted to make my own homemade granola bars, but I didn't push the mixture down into the pan enough, so they kind of fall apart easily. Though they still taste amazing!

Last weekend we tried to get Iris interested in french toast with syrup. With syrup! and she still wanted nothing to do with it, or pancakes. Or buttered toast, or juicy mango! At this point, I'll give her just about anything just to see if she'll try it. I think she is just very texture sensitive. My breastmilk will be sufficient nutrients until around a year old, so I am not concerned in the least! She's a very healthy little girl - has never been sick once (by the way, we don't sanitize but that's another post) and she is growing like a weed.

Big girl reading her "Daddy Book!"
In other news, my goals for last week were very helpful to me. I followed through with them and continue to do so. This week on Sometimes Sweet, the topic was Loving Life and Having Fun. Aside from the fact that I've been busy with other things, I really didn't feel the need to post or make goals about loving life and having fun. I do that every day! I value life more than anything else and I enjoy it very thoroughly. That post certainly would have been redundant! 

I will admit to having missed my Small Changes Saturday post last week too, but guess what... I remembered our reusable bags!! Okay Marius did, but that's not the point.

Marius and Iris!
Today, Marius and I are going to see the new X-Men movie in theaters! This will be the first time Iris has been without us - ever - and I'm quite nervous about how she's going to take it. A friend and coworker is coming over with her adorable 4 year old daughter to babysit. I'm leaving her with a list of things Iris loves if all else fails to keep her happy. This list includes: the PS3 controllers, my old cellphone, an empty bottle of 5 hour energy, and magazines for ripping up. I'm trying not to be nervous about it and just enjoy the time Marius and I will get to spend alone. Wait, alone? What's that??

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