Saturday, June 25

dear Iris

You've evolved so much in the last few weeks! Lately, you've decided that only little babies go to bed at 7pm. You're a big girl who's going to stay up until midnight! You have been keeping Mama very busy and tired, as you do all your intense learning and dreaming late at night. Two nights ago you learned to crawl! You can pull yourself up on the furniture and on me, but you're also determined to stand up on your own as you poise yourself on hands and feet. You're pretty subdued during the day lately, but at night you're an alert little owl!

Recently, you've started sleeping on a flat surface, having outgrown the inclined rocker we loved so well. With all the changes going on in your life, you seem to need me to sleep with you, lest we get no sleep at all. I love cuddling with you. If I move too far away from you, you reach out for reassurance with tiny sleeping fists that caress my skin. During the day, you climb into my lap for hugs, kisses and milk. It's the best feeling ever.

Your eyes are always alight with delight in everything. You love to straddle my tummy, grab my shirt and bounce up and down while I exclaim, "giddyup!" You think it's funny that my feet are ticklish. My long hair is still one of your favorite things and your mouth opens in a huge 'O' when you see it . You've been obsessed with my mouth lately and take every opportunity to push your little fingers inside to feel my tongue and teeth. You also have started making barking noises at the kitty, which is particularly disturbing to him in addition to your new crawling superpower. You laugh a bit easier these days, though you are still the portrait of A Cool Cucumber. Your unrelenting and sober gaze is noted by many.

You are finally getting your top teeth now! You love to chew and sip on a sippy cup of ice water to help your gums. Solid food still perplexes you and you shudder and make a face if it's anywhere near your mouth. You're interested in watching me eat and you like to hold a baby carrot while I snack on them. I've given you a few tastes of blueberry kefir and hummus, which you don't find too horribly offensive. Mememe-milks is still The Best Thing Ever.

I reorganized the coffee table so you have your own section of books, which you pull down for me to read to you. You prefer the books to all your other toys. You love to play peekaboo with Mama, Daddy and the Kitty too. If you're playing on your own, you always look back at me to make sure I'm watching. You've perfected crawling away from me to catch the kitty or see what's down the hall. But once you realize how far away you've gone, you call out for me to come scoop you up and hold you close.

A year ago, I was 6 months pregnant with you. I am so amazed at the sensitive, affectionate and yet stoic little person you have become!

I love you so much!

Your Mama

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