Tuesday, June 28

flying solo.

Only a few days ago I wrote that Iris wasn't too sure about crawling away from me. She would get most of the way down the hall then turn about and reach out for me to come get her. Well, today she'd had enough of banging about on her cake pans with a wooden spoon. She took off down the hall as fast as her wiggling bum would take her! Disappearing from sight into her room, I started anticipating the "mamaaaaa!" I was certain would shortly follow. I listened. She squealed. I listened. I heard her little knees swishing again on the carpet. 

I tiptoed to the door and peeked around the corner. There she was, grinning mischievously at the poor Kitty. I stayed hidden and watched silently for 20 whole minutes as she chased the Kitty around, throwing toys haphazardly when they obstructed her path. She paused occasionally to look around, fling a toy and realize that I wasn't there to cheer her on or pick her up. She didn't seem to even think twice about me. She crawled to her playmat and crinkled the elephant's ear. She poked at the tassels on the carpet. She pulled at her toes and sighed happily. Eventually, I sat in the doorway and waited to surprise her. She turned and burst into a huge smile, squealed gleefully and made a beeline for me. She climbed up for a quick hug and set off once more to explore on her own. 

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