Tuesday, June 14

the zoom groom

This past Sunday, the Kitty went to "the place where the naughty kitties go." The vet! He goes in for preventative care twice a year - he gets vaccines, deworming, general checkup and dental analysis. How do we afford this? Pet insurance! We pay somewhere around $18 a month for a basic healthcare plan and according to the last bill, this has saved us $1000 over the last two years!! 

This trip he was very nervous and tried to cling to me th entire time. By the end of the visit, I was absolutely covered in cat hair. He despises being combed and tries to bite the comb, wriggles around and basically makes it impossible to shed out that extra fur. This is frustrating because our curtains where he sits at the window are covered in hair and it's just everywhere no matter how much I clean. So, I decided  to take a look around PetCo for an alternative brush and found the amazing Zoom Groom.

He adores it. 

Though it kind of looks like some torture chamber tool.

It gently pulls loose hair out and feels like a massage for the cat.

And it WORKS.
I brushed him for five minutes and he even purred the entire time. Now his coat is so soft and smooth! We can pet him without ending up with a handful of hairs! I plan to do this once a week from now on. This thing is amazing! If you have a cat, you definitely need to get one!

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  1. Just read this now and realized u posted Long time ago (2011?) Anyway this looks like a great tool and will suggest it for one of my clients dogs..a Pomeranian..Think it will work wonders for her!! love, Sandi