Wednesday, April 13

six months.

Picnik collage

Baby girl, you've learned so much in the last few weeks it's hard to take it all in. A month ago you were barely able to sit up without me holding you with both hands. Now, you are sitting all by yourself. You only topple over when you get too excited or reach out too far. You can even stand with all your weight on your feet if I hold your hands. You roll over by yourself now and look like you're ready to start crawling soon.

You love your new chair which hooks on to our table so you can eat with us as a family. You pass toys from one hand to the other and bang your measuring cups and wooden toys on the table. You recently learned that you can drop your toys to get me to come over to you while I make dinner.

You're still enamored with the kitty and open your mouth wide with excitement when you get to pet him. When Dada had his March Madness mustache, you reached out to pet it too. You watch us all very intently, always observing our actions. When you play, you make sure we are watching you and you smile with pride.

You've started saying mamama and dadada and lalala, among other things. Two little bottom teeth peek out every time you talk or smile. You're a very wiggly nursling now and you sometimes can't decide if you want milk or to look around. I love when you curl your little fingers into my hair when I pick you up or you're upset. Like when you were a newborn, you've stared laying on my chest to cuddle.

You're not interested in solid food yet unless it's from my plate, but you always seem interested in milks. You've discovered that you have a tongue and enjoy sticking it out to blow raspberries and bubbles. Dancing, bouncing and spinning around are some of your favorite things. 
You are growing more gentle and curious with each new day. 
We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. 

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