Monday, April 11

our weekend and an update on baby.

On Saturday, the squadron had a get-together to celebrate springtime and the Easter season. These parties are almost always informal potluck lunches with lots of kids running amuck. We always look forward to specific people's cooking and the most raved about dish - buffalo chicken dip. There was no dip this time unfortunately, but it was a full and tasty meal nonetheless. We also took our first family photo in forever.

We spent the rest of the day at home relaxing. Well, everyone but me. Marius is somewhat crippled with Achilles tendon problems so I was running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean the house, fold laundry, take care of him (when he lets me), the teething baby, wash dirty diapers, make dinner, etc. It seems that no matter how much I clean, it's always messy!

Sunday we went to brunch at Panera with two good friends of ours who recently PCSed here. The steak, egg and cheese sandwiches are good but not for the price. $20 for two sandwiches and two drinks. Quite ridiculous - I don't think we will be going there anymore. 

Later, Iris helped me in the kitchen.

7pm is her usual bath and bedtime. Recently, she has been fully sitting up in her little tub, splashing around and playing with her rubber ducky and other bath toys. She loves when we run water over her hands. She also loves our big fluffy towels. 

Today, she had her 6 month well-baby appointment. She is now 15.7 lbs! She got 3 shots but only cried for two minutes before she was fine again. Then she played with her band-aids and made the funniest faces when she discovered that their sticky backs would attach to her fingers. 

This should be a good week with Marius taking a class that allows him to come home for lunch. We so appreciate the time we get together as a family. Even the kitty is starting to warm up to Iris...
sort of. 

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  1. So I'm not the only person in the world who still wears Tevas? Hooray!