Thursday, April 14

hoot hoot!

Iris loves owls. Since we bought this Lamaze toy for her when she was a month old, her favorite image was the owl even though she couldn't grab him hard enough to make him squeak. She would stare at him in wonder, all but ignoring the other animals. Here she is around two months old, still in newborn sized clothes and enjoying tummy time on the boppy with her owl friend. 

This has inspired me to scour etsy for some adorable owl things for her. 
Here are some of my favorites!

Taking advantage of the fact that Marius has an hour for lunch every day this week, we decided to go to Hooters for lunch yesterday! Don't judge! The food is really yummy and they have a Wednesday wing special! I just had to get a picture of Iris with the Hooters owl. 

And we call her... Bonnet Baby. 

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