Thursday, April 28

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Way back in the days of my childhood, I knitted scarves and beaded jewelry profusely. These squirrel and oak mittens make me want to pick up arts and crafts again. I'd love to make matching pairs for myself and Iris to wear next winter!

I've been in love with this etsy shop for months now! The owner makes the sweetest headbands and hair clips for little girls. I've had it bookmarked for ages but still haven't bought one because I'm finding it impossible to pick just one! Maybe for Iris' birthday and Marius can choose!

What a cool idea!

Recently, I discovered Blowfish Shoes and fell in love. It's very rare for me to buy shoes, maybe twice a year at the most. I am coveting these Casita shoes to go with my summer dresses. Especially considering I've been wearing the same summer sandals for the last 3 years! If only I weren't so completely broke after a trip back to the northeast as well as investing in cloth diapers.

Speaking of cloth diapers, I would love love love to try this Rumparooz one size diaper. I recently purchased their wetbag for Iris' room in the EcoOwl print and it's great so far. A few people have interest in my cloth diapering excursion, so I'll be posting about it soon. 

Marius posted this link on facebook a few days ago. Such a sad story
So much for your gun control, UK. 

Iris has recently shown a love for her cloudB blanket with satin around the edges. It's a very heavy blanket and not really suitable for year round use, so I've had these Aden and Anais blankets 
in mind since I saw them in a children's store this past weekend. 

That's all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!

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