Thursday, April 4


So here I am again! Returning after a long absence. It seems like forever since I've posted here, and indeed it has been close to two months. There are a variety of reasons why I took a break - apologetically, without warning my readers. The main reason was due to my choice to get an IUD. While I was very nervous about it, everything went well with the procedure and it continues to be the best choice for me. However, my body chose to throw me into a deep bout of depression in response to the hormones in the IUD when it was first inserted. I had a really hard time doing anything that usually makes me happy and I was close to tears all the time. Everything seemed overwhelming and it was a really hard time for me. It lasted about six weeks before the hormones regulated with my body and/or I was able to pull myself out of it. 

I've had more than enough experience with depression throughout my life, and I'm glad to say that it rarely becomes an issue anymore. Lots of hard work has allowed my rational mind to overcome the irrationality of my emotional fountain, and I enjoy life more now than I ever thought was possible. The weeks in which I experienced the sinking lows again were terrible but also a great reminder of how far I have come. 

And so, to make light of that negative blip on my radar, a good friend and I recently took a trip to Ikea and I picked up a few new things for our home. The most exciting thing being an Ikea Expedit bookshelf for Iris' room! Up until now her books sat on the floor by her bed and while I tried to keep them organized, they often became a mess. I'd had enough of it, so we got this simple little shelf for her and life is so much easier when it comes to picking out bedtime stories! It also makes a nice little home for a few of her favorite stuffed animals. 

Take note that the following pictures are by no means an accurate representation of the usual state of Iris' bed! She does love her new bookshelf and has a much better time of choosing books to read with me. She truly has grown immensely in the last two months and I hope to share volumes of her uniqueness with you.


  1. I'm so happy to see you are back! I'm sorry about the complications with your IUD. Iris is getting so big! Her hair is getting so dark and I love her little pink nails :)

  2. That IUD experience sounds rough. I'm glad you're feeling better though. How close is the IKEA to you? I wish the one out here was closer. Though, it's probably better for our bank account that it's not.