Wednesday, April 17

milk and cookies.

Iris' current favorite book is one called, The Baby Blue Cat and the Whole Batch of Cookies. It was also my favorite at her age, and this is even my original copy which is at least two decades old! Sadly the book is out of print now, so I'm especially glad that my mother saved many of my childhood stories. 

This Baby Blue Cat tale is about a Mama Cat and her Baby Cats who love cookies. One day she bakes a whole batch of cookies. While she and the other cats are busy playing, Baby Blue Cat makes a few mistakes and ends up eating the whole batch! I love the soft, compassionate way the Mama cat responds to her baby making a mistake, and it's even Iris' favorite part, especially when Baby Blue cat falls asleep on her lap at the end.

So yesterday, she read the story to me and afterwards, we baked a whole batch of cookies together! She helped me pour in the ingredients and turn the mixer on. This was her very first time having milk and cookies - she loved it!

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  1. I LOVE that book! I read it when I was a kid too. I got a used copy a while back for Addy-girl and she enjoys reading it too. That's totally cute that you tied the story into Iris' first cookie baking experience. She definitely looks like she enjoyed them. Addy is also a big fan of dipping cookies into milk. Actually, she loves dipping anything into whatever drink she has. It's really very nasty. Anyway, Iris is so cute! We miss you guys!