Tuesday, February 12

little things.

One of my favorite little things to enjoy is my morning toast. Freshly baked bread, slightly burned and topped with butter and Marmite equals perfection. I'm also proud to say this photo is completely unedited!

The way my husband looks at me. This was taken on our anniversary during our Belgian vacation and is also completely unedited. 

My new work of art is a piece for my sweet baby. I often call her Honey Bunny, Sweet Bunny, or simply Bunny.
I love it so much! Now Iris asks a few times a day "see baby's bunny?" Made by the lovely Lorena Morato.

Matte nail polish - Zoya, Charisma.

A little break in the clouds.

Valentine's sprinkes! 


  1. You are so beautiful!!! And that new tattoo is just amazing. What a great set of photos. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with little Iris!

  2. I completely agree with Meg... these pictures are just lovely to look at and show such a great little slice of your life. Which I adore, because you being in Germany makes it so much harder to Friend Stalk you AND I MISS THAT SO MUCH.

    Also, you're right... that look he is giving you is exactly what you want to see. :)