Tuesday, January 8

little things.

We've been in Germany for almost eight months now. When we first got here, we were warned about the "inside joke" existing here - "Hey, it's raining! Welcome to the Eifel region!" No big deal, we thought, they can't be too serious about that. Well, fast forward to today and I will tell you - without exaggerating, mind - that I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen the sun in the last four months. 

If by some amazing chance, the sun peeks out from behind the heavy blanket of clouds, both Marius and I laugh and remark, "wow, I forgot the sun existed!" Even Iris yells, "oh no the sun! Bright!" Luckily, we prepared for this by installing "false sunlight" bulbs in our house which are left on all the time to give us more natural looking light. We all also pop a dose of vitamin D daily. So far, none of us have felt depressed about the lack of light, though sometimes it is exhausting to be in the dark all the time. On top of the constantly grey skies, during the winter here the sunrise isn't until 9am and the world is pitch black again by 5pm.

Needless to say, sometimes it takes effort to keep upbeat. I thought it would be nice to do a post about our daily life, about the little things that renew us with brightness each day. I'm starting a feature called Little Things, to prompt me to get my camera out more often and to keep blog posts regular! Here you will find some little snippets of our days - sometimes, it's the little things that keep the day bright.

I love the silhouette effect of bare branches against the rain clouds.

Freshly painted nails! Two coats of Lilac Powder, topped with two coats of Starlight.

Iris and I love to watch the color drop toy Santa brought for her.

Sweet little baby toes.

My lovely little orchid, which I'd given up for dead, bloomed once again despite adversity.

Iris' favorite lunch - peanut butter and jelly!

My lunch - lightly toasted country bread, slices of fresh herbed german cheese, tomatoes and half an avocado -
drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper.

We brewed our own beer and it turned out great for our first try!


  1. Your photos are amazing!! Can't wait to see more of them. And that polish on you looks great!

    I couldn't reply directly to your comment on my blog because you're a "no-reply" blogger, so I just wanted to let you know that if you do want to get that polish and they won't do the deal to an APO, you can send it to me and I'll mail it to you!

    1. Thanks Meg! I do love my polish... I have to limit my purchasing of it otherwise I'd spend way too much, which is why that deal you posted excited me so much haha! Thank you so much for offering to send them to me - I will definitely take you up on that! :D

      On another note, I tried to fix the no reply blogger thing - was I successful?

  2. So... When the sparkly German vampires get you, do you think you'll feed on humans or deer? You're a little old to pass for high schoolers, so what will you do with your time on earth?

  3. Love the pictures! Really beautiful. And that nail polish is soooo prety with the sparkles. I love sparkles hehe. That springy color will sure to bring some brightness to your day :D